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Your reflexology session will begin with a consultation where we discuss your medical history, health and lifestyle. I will then give you a relaxing treatment applying gentle pressure to your feet using organic balm or oil. I will then talk through what reflex points were sensitive and offer aftercare advice. Weekday daytime, evening and Saturday appointments are available.

Foot Reflexology - 1 hour - £40.00

We often take for granted our amazing feet and how they can affect our entire body and it’s functions. By applying gentle pressure to the reflex points it stimulates a reaction to that particular organ or system of the body. Reflexology aims to increase the body’s circulation, boost the immune system and help you return to a state of balance and wellbeing. And of course the deep relaxation you feel during and after a treatment is priceless. Give yourself a chance to switch off from everyday stresses and encourage positive lifestyle changes. 

Fertility and Pre-conception Reflexology - 1 hour - £40.00

Planning a family is an exciting time for a couple, but it doesn't happen easily for everyone. Reflexology encourages our body's systems to work at an optimum level to create the right environment for conception. One of its main benefits is to help balance hormone levels, which can encourage regular menstruation, promote ovulation and reduce the symptoms of endometriosis.

Reflexology also improves circulation, aids the body in cleansing itself of toxins (which creates a healthy emotional and physical balance), assists relaxation and helps reduce the anxiety and stress that some couples can experience when trying for a baby.

Maternity, Labour and Post Natal Reflexology - 1 hour - £40.00

Maternity reflexology sessions can begin from your second trimester of pregnancy (week 14) and support you emotionally and physically right up to labour. Treatments are tailored to encourage your body to relax, help manage any side effects and to create the optimum environment for your baby to develop.


In the last few weeks of your third trimester of pregnancy as your due date approaches (weeks 37-40) and for those whose babies are overdue (weeks 40+) reflexology can help to reduce anxiety in preparation for labour. 


Receiving Postnatal Reflexology following the birth of your baby is invaluable for balancing, harmonising and enhancing physical and emotional well being. Having two children I know the feeling of being so overwhelmed with the responsibility of looking after such a small, vulnerable new life, particularly with a first baby. In those early days and weeks this is a time when hormone levels drop rapidly and depression can arise. Reflexology can be of huge benefit and can help balance hormones, reduce stress and anxiety and give you that much needed relaxation time. New babies are more than welcome to join you during the treatment as they often find the session very relaxing too.

Reflexology Package Offer - 4 x 1 hour treatments - £140.00

Enjoy a block of 4 reflexology treatments for £140.00 instead of £160.00. This is perfect for those looking for help with a specific health concern or for a regular dose of relaxation, to relieve persistent stress, aid better sleep and restore energy.

Cancellation Policy

Please give me the opportunity to re-book your appointment if you can no longer attend by notifying me no later than 24 hours in advance. Payment for your treatment is required in full if the session is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice. Please note that if you arrive late for an appointment I may have to reduce your session time to prevent it impacting other clients.